Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm NOT having fun

I'm NOT having fun shopping for cars.

I can't find what I need much less what I want -- that is for the amount of money the insurance company is giving me. I suppose that is par for the course, but shoot! I had the perfect automobile for my purposes and now I don't.

I'm now asking: what is the lesson to be learned here?

I've been to several car dealerships; the nice ones didn't have the automobiles and the awful one (whose high pressure tactics would earn them a place in Dante's Hell) who just want me to buy a car any car just a car. NOW. I haven't seen such high pressure tactics, well, EVER. "What do we have to do to get you to buy this car today?" (Uh, cut the price in half.) "Why WON'T you consider a loan? Aren't you an American?" (Because I don't want to be in debt. Like the nation. And probably you to the tanning salon.) "Doesn't your husband trust you enough to get a car by yourself." (Uh, it's not trust there, it's the concept of "I don't spend this kind of money without consulting my life-partner first.") "If you marriage is so weak that this will strain it that bad, maybe you are close to divorce anyway." (WHAT?) Then the getting in my way and not letting me exit the building. (PLEASE -- Do it again. I WANT to call the police.)

I'm so drained from the car shopping -- I may just do without. Or buy one on eBay. I Do Not want to go again tomorrow.....

You know, this has me thinking about how we all can be a force for Good or Evil. The Unctuous Pig (Unctuous, Oinktuous, ha ha) with his well oiled tan -- what he was doing can only be called one thing: evil. Today I've had dealings with (shock!) honest used car salespeople. Yes, they do exist and get this -- the honesty can and will pay off. It may not be turn you a quick buck, but a car sold honestly and business that is well earned will eventually get you more business. Hmm... rather like the saying "you reap what you sow'? Get that you Sow? (Sow, pig, ha ha.)

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