Monday, July 14, 2008

Sundays are long days

We got up yesterday at 5:30ish, took showers, packed the car with changes of clothing and all sorts of other goodies, ate b'fast and were on the road by about 7:20. We got to church #1 at 8:45 and started worship at 9:00; said the benediction at 10:00; handshake ritual and hop into car, drive down the road (17 miles) to church #2. Service starts at 10:30; benediction at 11:30. Handshake ritual, hop in car and drive back to Athens for 1:00 movie -- "Speed Racer." Trip to Sam's for a few things. A small snack at Cracker Barrel, play checkers with the kids in rocking chairs for a bit; back in the car at 5:00 to go to church #2 for covered dish dinner at 6:00. Ate LOADS of food (they sure set a fabulous table at this church!), charge conference at 7:00. Voted to build an annex and incorporate. Jaw-jacked after the meeting until about 9:00 (all the kids were playing with a GIANT frisbee and having a great time). Home by about 10:15. I was really really tired and disappointed that "Deadliest Catch" wasn't on. Bummer.

These are beautiful, spirit-filled, healthy and happy churches. They are different from one another; one is a little "High Church", the other not so much. One is full of family (mostly the same family) -- the other has many different families (but is smaller). One is mostly blue-collar; the other university types. But both seem so much like "home" to me. They have been a balm -- it's a beautiful thing when church IS church. Beautiful.

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