Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What it looks like uncooked

Steel cut oats -- not ground or sliced after steaming, but cut before any cooking. This is basically a de-husked oat kernel cut in either two or three pieces. I've tried a variety of methods of cooking; the rice cooker is working the best so far, if I can figure out how to stop it from boiling over. Next experiment is soak the oats overnight before cooking; from what I'm reading, that will do it.

I looked up Fiber One; 16 grams of fiber in a single bowl. This is a keeper. Oatmeal every other day. Steel Cut Oats -- about 6 grams per cup. Brown rice (after I finish this 50 pound bag of Jasmine Rice.) Apples are excellent. Benefiber and Metamucil. Lentils, Black Beans, Split Peas, Lima Beans and Butter peas -- all have 12 to 15 grams of fiber per cup. Whole Wheat Pasta has about 6 grams per cup. Green peas have about 8. I'm going to build a spreadsheet that has the fiber and the calorie information and build an index of fiber per calories (or something like that.)

Yes, the Math Nerd is emerging.

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