Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Sermon Starter

I broke a bottle of Bayberry this week in the garage. Not just any bottle -- essential oil. This stuff is smelly. A pound of soap takes only about 6 to 8 drops. A batch of candles takes about 1 drop per candle. I broke a bottle that was 4 oz -- enough for pounds and pounds of soap. Now everything in the house -- and the yard -- smells of Bayberry. I must have stepped in it and tracked it all over the place because even the car smells like Bayberry. It's seeped in through the cat door and we've brought it in through the garage door so that every square foot of this house carries that scent. I must have smelled like it at the grocery store because the lady behind me commented that I smelled so good!

Bayberry has permeated my life. I am wondering about that -- what else has permeated my life? What other essential oils have anointed me so that every move that I make and every step I take smells of something beautiful? Has the Word of God penetrated my life to that extent? Do the moves that I make and the actions I take smell like God? Where can we find these essential things -- these essential teachings so that we can start to take on some of God's own characteristics?

Today's reading is a parable. Now a parable is not like Aesop's fables which have only one possible meaning or moral. The parable of the sower is not like the Grasshopper and the Ant which teaches us to work now if we want to eat later. In fact, some of Jesus' parables turn upside down conventional teaching, placing them on their ear....

So what is a parable ?(more here later)

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