Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Bullets

  • Bishop B. Michael Watson has been appointed the new episcopal leader of the North Georgia Conference. He comes on board in September -- as ex-Bishop of South Georgia, he's not really a new face to some of us, as I have met him numerous times at Georgia's Pastor's School.
  • Thursday and Friday were busy as I tried to visit some parishioners -- being so far away, to took planning and I didn't get as far as I would have liked, but it was good.
  • Last night at karate, Ms. D collapsed and was taken away in an ambulance. She's a grandmother raising her grandchildren -- a brave and strong woman. Prayers her way this morning.
  • I have another sore throat. There seem to be an unusual amount of summer colds this year -- and this is my second this month. Time for more Vit C.
  • It's also time to pull my sermon together -- I skipped the Local Pastor's b'fast this morning and we have a picnic this afternoon, but I am going to spend time working on the sermon.
  • My friend Teresa's new church start was featured on CNN. There are things I like about it -- and I must admit, things that I see would make some people uncomfortable. She's also a good, brave and strong woman and I am glad that the church is doing well.

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