Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some pictures

Old Kitty and Entropy. I've posted bunches of pictures of Johnny Cat and woefully neglected posting pictures of Old Kitty. Actually, she's doing well. She and Johnny do NOT get along -- I think she's found the will to live so that Johnny doesn't "win."

My "In" Basket. I have a basket at the end of the kitchen counter where I dump all my mail and other things when I get in the house -- I call it my "In" basket. And if you notice, I have male. (Punny!)

Piggy! This is Pretzel the Piggy. We have friends whose child is allergic to almost all domestic pets -- except for Pigs, Lizards and that like.

Pretzel the Piggy is indeed cute. I'm going to have to work the pig into a sermon...

Note: It's postings like this (you know, the ones that are like looking at another family's photo album) that make me wonder why on earth anyone except relatives would read my blog. I feel odd about having these picked up by Christian Century, but I am as I am ... my blog is as it will be.

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