Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dave Ramsey's "My Total Money"

The LH and I are working on the Debt Snowball. One debt at a time. We have just decided to pay off one of the biggies -- which also happens to be a Margin Account linked to my portfolio. This is probably a bad time to have borrowed on the margin (ya think??) so we are paying it off.

We don't have as much consumer debt as most people do -- my largest personal debt is my student loans. I am paying them off on time from my portfolio (again) but using cash and not the margin. I figured at the time I set it up that way that the interest I was getting on my portfolio was so much larger than the interest I was being charged that setting it up this way was the wisest. Not so much now. I'll stick with it -- and pray for a Bull market.

So the LH and I are working our way through Dave Ramsey's baby steps -- and doing pretty well. We haven't purchased a new car in a long time -- only used. We also pay cash for the cars. In fact, we just bought the LH's "new" car this last month, because it gets great gas mileage. Yes, it's a "new" 1995 Saturn coupe with 123,000 miles. We have savings -- not a huge lump of savings, but more than the average bear. We have already done some work on several of the baby steps we are actually working on more than one step at a time. And I love to read Dave's blog and looking at the website to see what people are doing and saying.

So I was cruising around on his website called "My Total Money" I've not explored there much. I found the forums and was reading today's entries when I was intrigued enough to want to post something. Of course, it's set up like most forums and you have to join to post. Here's the catch: it costs money. Ten dollars a month.

I cannot help but be struck by the irony. Thanks, Dave, but no thanks. I think I'll put the ten bucks a month aside for something else.

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