Thursday, October 30, 2008

Too Many Projects

I basically have too many projects right now. I've been meaning to do XYZ but end up doing ABC instead. To enumerate:

  • My LH and I have brought home box after box of vintage clothing from his grandparent's house. I am finishing up our laundry this morning before I tackle the pounds of clothing to wash before we can have an estate sale.
  • My living room has been taken over by books -- I have several boxes to list on Amazon. Now Amazon is slow right now -- glacial, even. But I will continue to list and cull until these boxes are taken care of.
  • I have some alterations to do: my surplice has LONG sleeves. They need to be hemmed. I am making my own Gi -- I'm tired of Gis that are made for giants. I am NOT male, I am NOT tall. I've done some alterations on the two I already own and they are OK, but I am going to take the basic pattern and make a Gi for a woman shaped like a meatball. I also want to shorten the sleeves of my new clerical shirt... so I'm sewing right now in between listing books and doing laundry.
  • I am also sorting at a minimum one box/bag/drawer a day in addition to the standard housework. I am tossing, selling, donating or putting away more stuff.

The theology behind this? I am good at mental discipline; I have my prayer time everyday. I am good at reading whatever I need to read. But my physical setting informs my body/mind balance. I cannot be serene in a chaotic environment. Thus I am concentrating on imposing order on the chaos (still). If you have been reading a while, you will realize that I have been doing this for a while. I have come to the realization that it is my most important task right now.

So, later, y'all. I'm going back to sorting/cleaning/laundry.

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