Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Is the last day of revival at Burts Church -- next week, we have revival at Glade UMC. I've arranged for much of the same people to sing and preach (including moi).

One final trip for this workweek to Oglethorpe County. The gas situation is very so slightly better. We are surviving. It just points out once again the wisdom of ending our dependence on oil.

We used to have a rule to enter into Fernbank Forest -- Leave nothing there; take nothing out. Zero sum. We should strive to live zero sum.

And now for something completely different, here are some pictures:
This is Confederate Daisy -- the famed "Yellow Daisy" of Stone Mountain's Yellow Daisy Festival. It grows only in about a 50 mile circle around Stone Mountain and really is not that abundant.

It grows well in and around granite outcroppings -- along with a purple flower called Shooting Star. We have quite a bit of this pair around where we live, but I have not seen a single Confederate Daisy around Oglethorpe County.

This is a beautiful example of the Antebellum structures that can be found in Oglethorpe County. It's a wonderful example of Colonial Georgian architecture. Symmetrical, in the classic "Plantation House" style. I love this house -- one might say that I covet it somewhat. The owners certainly have kept it up well -- new roof, new siding. It's just beautiful.

An angel from the Lexington Presbyterian graveyard. It just captured my imagination.

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