Monday, October 06, 2008

Revival at Glade UMC

Last week we had revival at Burts UMC. This week, it's revival at Glade UMC. I'm glad that we opted to have guest speakers for two of the nights each week, otherwise I'd be preaching 8 days out of 10. That would be a tad much.

Here's some pictures.

Early Morning Drive on Highway 78. The sun is just beginning to rise -- but we've been up for more than an hour and a half.
Sunday afternoon exploring -- this is the old Sanctuary at Glade UMC, built as early as 1857. It's pretty untouched and I think it's pretty rare to find one this pristine. Beautiful.
Rev. Jim Spooner reading as the singers for the next evening practiced at the Baptist Church across the street.

One of Glade's member's store. It is just a bit down the road. She sold the store many years ago and the new owners have now died. The store is in probate, as I understand it.

Yellow flowers in the meadow next to the church. I don't know exactly what they are -- they resemble milkweed or a margarite. There is an entire field of them along with a purple flower that looks like a lantana relative.

On our first night we had a nice covered dish dinner followed by a concert from a band named "God's Law" -- appropriate because they all (mostly ) work in law enforcement. They are very good -- and we had really good attendance.

Look! Methodist CAN clap with the music. It's true!

Looking into the sanctuary from the front drive -- like a light beaming into the darkness. You can just see the bass guitarist and little Gracie dancing along.

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