Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Waiting and Watching 2008

I feel this is the year that I am spending waiting and watching. I see the world changing all around; the economy, the ways we are spending our money, the ways that we are living our lives.

I've watched my portfolio drop. And drop and drop. Good news today -- the Dow looks as if it is closing 800 points up. Perhaps my portfolio will regains some if its lost value. Oil is less than $63 a barrel. That's amazing. I paid $2.35 for gasoline yesterday. I'm waiting to purchase a few items that are big ticket that I really will need to purchase sometime soon -- in particular a new mattress as the one we are on now is killing my back. But we are loathe to put it on a credit card; we will pay cash. We are talking about how we can save money by changing our eating habits -- less going out and convenience foods and more "home cooking." Less meat and more beans and rice. We did purchase a 3rd car -- one that gets better gas milege -- a 1995 Saturn Coupe with 123,000 miles. It's a good thing that the LH knows how to work on cars. We decided not to replace the 1998 Mystique, but rather to get it a good tune-up and take care of it for a while. We've parked the Expedition and use it only when there are 4 of us in the car.

I've also watched several people that I know and love lose their jobs. All sorts of companies are laying off employees -- and there are states that are running out of unemployment monies. What are they to do when the unemployment runs out? Shall we just sit and watch and wait? Or do we ask ourselves, "what can I do for my neighbor?"

Their basic needs:

I've been thinking all day about how to start a ministry cooperative in the county where I serve. I've been composing a letter to the clergy of this county -- and asking them to pray. Maybe I can't help all my neighbors -- but I can buy some food (or grocery cards) and help with utilities. Perhaps I can save a little by turning down my thermostat a bit and give a little to someone else.

Just thinking --

A Postscript and rare political statement: I support the Fair Tax and would lobby Congress to repeal the 16th Amendment.

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