Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eating out of the Pantry

The pantry, the freezer and the refrigerator.

With the "Economy Earthquake," I've decided to be frugal and eat what we already have (especially after that last run to Sam's where I had to get another printer cartridge...).

I've had Filo dough in the refrigerator way longer than I would like to admit. It was long past its "sell-by" date. I also had a really funky Orange Marmalade in there that no one really cared for. I also had a wheel of Brie, so I made a baked Brie this afternoon. The wheel of Brie had been partially consumed and I've never made Baked Brie without having the whole wheel, so I just cut what I had in half and used the very dry Filo pastry. The Filo took a little microwaving -- about 10 seconds with a wet towel to get it soft enough to form around the cheese. I used just a little melted butter to hold the Filo together, put a layer in the bottom of a Corningware dish, put in the half wheel of Brie, topped it with the Orange Marmalade and topped it with more Filo. I cover it up since the Filo was so dry and after the requisite 30 minutes at 350 degrees, I had a nice little snack. It was much tastier than it deserved to be.

I have many other mystery containers in the freezer. Maybe we will have "Mystery Dinner 3000" tonight. I wonder if that is Barbeque, Soup or Chili? We shall see...

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