Thursday, October 23, 2008

Enough Already

I listened to or watched the majority of the debates. I've read the papers, watched TV and browsed the blogs. I'm sick and tired of the Presidential election campaigns. Enough Already.

I like what a fellow Methodist blogger said the other day (and I quote):
So let's just say: We elected all the correct people this year. We got it all correct, all the way from President down to dog catcher. Let's take it one step further and say that all those correct people implemented all the correct legislation and we all voted correctly for all the right referendums.

Will that usher in God's Kingdom? Will it make us better parents? Will it makes our hearts less hard towards God's will for us? Will it eliminate poverty and disease and natural disasters?

Uh, that would be "No." He was quoting from Leadership magazine -- and a thought provoking posting, it was. I looked on the website and found an article there called "Body Politics" that again, was quite though provoking. In this article I found this sentence:
I determined to renounce the temptation to bash those with whom I do not agree. It is one thing to poke and prod at an idea, another to attack the person who bears the idea. Too often I have failed here.

I am so very tired of the media, the pundits, the campaigns and their shadow sides. I'm tired of Campaign X bashing Campaign Y; picking every action apart to find a flaw -- at times putting such a twist on things that it is hardly recognizable.

To be frank, I'm not too fond of either candidate. Both have huge flaws. I will not enumerate them; what good would that do? Both, however, seem to be much better people that they are being painted in the press. Enough, already. The loser in this campaign IMHO is the media for failing to report whose these men and this woman ARE. I for one am voting with my "on/off" button and just not listening anymore to anyone but the candidate, themselves. Enough already.

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