Saturday, December 13, 2008

2nd Degree Black Belts

I should post my Advent Hymns, but I post this instead. Chaos and Entropy tested today for 2nd Degree Black Belts in Tang Soo Do Mu Duk Kwan (and we are pretty sure they passed..)

Entropy breaking boards. What you don't see here is that each are holding TWO boards -- they are doubled.

Chaos doing some awesome kicking break. Her boards are thicker and doubled. She sent the third set of boards spinning off into the studio, as they didn't just break, they splintered into pieces.

Master Long, Grandmaster Kwan, Black Belts, including those who just got their first belt. Only three were testing for 2nd degree and only 5 in the picture are 3 degree or higher. I don't know the statistics, but I know that many kids start this, but few obtain a black belt. Of those who obtain a black belt, only a few go on and get a first or second degree. Chaos is only a handful in her school who train and who have a black belt; she may be the only 2nd degree in her school of 3500. I am proud of them!

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