Monday, December 15, 2008


In the spirit of Stuff Reduction, I've been FreeCycling. FreeCycle is a email list where you post things you don't want anymore and people come and take it away. It's better than throwing it in the landfill and easier than Goodwill.

This week I have FreeCycled:
  • 12 bags of books, clothing and toys from Entropy's room
  • 3 bags of shoes, clothing and assorted stuff from Chaos's room
  • an Entertainment Center I've had for 22 years
  • 2 guitars
  • 3 boxes of Knick Knacks
  • 2 boxes of half-burned candles
Additional I've loaned a friend of a friend a Glider Rocker.

I've been getting new curtains and comforter sets for the girls' rooms and I am having them painted.

Now to get another bag of stuff up to give away --

edited: I've given away this morning an over the door shoe rack, a green makeup case that looks like a tackle box and an old copier. I'm going to scrounge up more stuff... this is actually kind of fun!

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