Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Running so very far behind

I am running so very far behind. I don't have a tree yet. The lights aren't up. No food has been purchased. I'm still cleaning house.

The girls and I watched "Girl TV" yesterday -- specifically, Chaos' third birthday party. The kids were amazed at how little they were -- I was amazed at how clean the house was. How on earth did this house get so very ... messy? We have indeed inherited a couple of households of stuff -- but REALLY! My year (or year and a half) of stuff reduction has helped, but the process isn't over yet. The girls' rooms will look amazing by the end of the month (JC Penney is still shipping various things) and my room will be almost complete, but the sewing room is HORRIBLE. The living areas are a total wreck right now.

I am about a month behind of where I wanted to be, so here's some pics from Thanksgiving:

I call these "Inept Southerners Trying To Have A Snowball Fight"

This is Aunt Susie's cat -- isn't she beautiful?

This is Aunt Susie's bunny -- I call this one "I can haz bunni plse?"

This is a log cabin in Fairmont, WV. I like the buttercream colored chinking. It has been continually occupied for more than 200 years. For my cabin, I think I would prefer less chinking.

Small, Medium and Large. I have small under my chin right now. She's a real love-muffin.

My card/invitations came this morning. All addressed, now I need stamps. Very last minute, eh?

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