Monday, May 23, 2005

Conversation in Living Room folding Laundry

Chaos: Mama – why do some Mamas only clean house?
Me: Only clean house?
Chaos: Yeah and feed kids food. (long pause) Mama, I think God is a woman.
Me: Why?
Chaos: Cause it’s easier to see God as more loving, caring and wise and stuff. (Huh, did she hear me talking or something?)
And men are only thinking about sports and beer and stuff and how much money they are going to make. And women are more complex because they think about more sides of stuff. But that’s only jocks, nerds think about computers all the time and ham radio. And that’s all they talk about at the supper table.
Me: You mean like your Daddy?
Chaos: Daddy thinks about how much money he’s going to make and computers and math and airplanes. But then again, you Mama only think about God and exegesis and big French words I don’t understand. Oh yeah, and writing papers and the kitty and blogging. (Theology is "big French words?")
Me: Huh. (I wonder if her Daddy was a minister, would she see God as male?)
Chaos: Maybe God is like a worm – he’s like both a male and a female, at the same time. Or maybe He doesn’t have a body – he’s like a ghost. (God the Ghostly Worm. Well that's one name I didn't come up with.) We were talking about how Jesus was like God and he rose from the dead and you know how the Muslim people like worship another person, but he died and he stayed dead. That was Muhammed, right? Does that mean he was just a really good prophet? He wasn’t God, like God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost.
Me: So what about God and Jesus and the Holy Ghost?
Chaos: Oh, that’s easy, He’s just multi-tasking. (All those years of debate, all that History of Christian Thought: Of course, God's just multi-tasking! Beautiful!)
Me: Huh. So Daddy doesn’t think about God?
Chaos: I don’t know. Yeah, but he’s just not so *obvious* like you.
Entropy: (Slow on the uptake) Hey, God is a man!
Me: Why is he a man?
Entropy: I don't know, He just is. Mama! The kitty is licking the fireplace! Silly, Silly, Silly, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! (song of own composing)
Me: (fetching cat out of fireplace)
Chaos: Woman!
Entropy: Man!
Chaos: Woman!
Entropy: Man!
And so on.

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