Saturday, May 21, 2005

This and That

First, I would like to welcome my good friend Dave to the Blogosphere. He has some reflections on that movie everyone is talking about. The Loving Husband and I are going to wait a while to see it. Sleep seemed more important somehow this week...

It actually started me thinking about the Trinity thing again ("Luke, I am your Father.") The names "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" do have something that "Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer" don't have -- the familial relationship. It's an intimacy that just isn't there when you reduce it to their "job titles." The trinity thing just isn't easy. It's easy to reduce it to the statement that my Christian Thought prof did -- "It's a mystery" but to do that without examination and sitting in tension for a while seems like the easy way out.

And if the names in the trinity are a statment about relationship, even called the first person in the trinity "Father" is limiting -- saying that the parental role can be reduced to a single dad. Being a mother and being very close to my mother, I do really relate to a parent that nurtures -- and that role would be left out in this title.

It was Entropy's birthday yesterday, but Chaos went off to camp last night. We will have to celebrate as a family later. She wants an entirely different (another) cake. And a cake for her class on Tuesday. That will be a total of 3 cakes. A trinity.

And does anyone know of a good debugger for Javascript for the Macintosh? I am getting so very frustrated with checking my code one letter, one phrase at a time for error. I have a Collect 'Bot in the works that should give better results than the Prayer 'Bot, but am having a dickens of a time debugging the silly thing.

The emergent convention is winding down (and the kids tell me my garb is decidedly 'emo' more than half the time), the Festival of Homelitics is over, and my real live senior pastor is worshipping with Real Live Preacher tomorrow and having lunch. I am feeling a twinge of that green thing called jealousy. It's that "left out" thing again that I struggle with. Sigh. I think that I will drink a little coffe and have a pity party for myself before I get to do those exciting things on *my* agenda -- take the girly to karate, go get the recall on my car taken care of, laundry, dishes, vacuuming and general housework.

I did go get new widgets and thing-a-ma-bobs this week. I got a keychain hot spot detector, so I can tell where there is wifi, a jumpdrive, a new flash card for the keychain, a miniSVGA to SVideo dongle, a power inverter for the car (so I can plug in any household appliance that doesn't draw too much current (like the laptop)) and widgets to plug my iPod into my cassette deck in the car. Ah, the delights of shopping. =o)

I may have more later....

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