Monday, June 16, 2008

Annual Conference

Glade UMC

Burt's UMC

Annual Conference is this week. Starts tomorrow. I'll wander over tomorrow afternoon for the kick-off and then the Clergywoman' dinner. I have to go to Karate tonight and Wednesday because there is a belt test on Friday night, so I will not stay for evening activities.

If all goes as planned, I will be appointed to Glade UMC and Burt's UMC in Oglethorpe County on Friday morning. It's a 60 mile commute and the churches are aware of it. I have been trying to think of an inventive way to get closer to the churches every weekend -- we DO have a travel trailer. There is a State Park within 5 miles, but they don't allow for long stays. There is a "fish camp" kind of place about 25 miles PAST the church where we can leave the trailer all year round; but that's 85 miles from here. I have cousins in Athens which is a little more than half-way were I might beg a room on occasion. I'm still looking for a more optimal solution.

The two churches have about 75 in worship on Sunday morning. Neither have a choir. I think I would like to start a choir. It will depend on what they want, of course.

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