Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Limitations of Time and Space

I've written many blog postings in my head -- like the one about stretching analogies and fruit. And the one about wilting roses on a kitchen table around which no one ever eats. But there is not enough time to write them all -- we are limited by lack of time and resources.

However, without those limitations would there even be blog postings to post? If life were completely comfortable all the time, would there be anything to discuss?

I wonder sometimes where all those thoughts end up. Is there a "dead letter" department in my head like the one at the Post Office? If these thoughts aren't expressed, will my head eventually explode? Or will they just gently fade away?

I had two or three postings in mind this morning, but they are gone. I was going say something about rice. And there is one I really want to write about cats/church. I sometimes start a posting with really brief little notes, so that I can write it up later. But when I go back, I end up wondering "What has bread to do with the making of earthen tiles?"

Does a blog post make sound if it falls down in the forest?

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