Thursday, June 12, 2008

Found old Photos

My Grandparents, Russell Allgood DeLay and Gladys Marie McGarity DeLay in their Touring Car in 1928 on a road trip to Toledo, OH. They would have been 22 and 19 years old at the time. I believe that this is the trip on which my Grandmother hit a very large pig (a 600 pound one) on the road and nearly wrecked the car. The pig escaped without injury (or so family lore would have it.)

This is my Grandfather's lineman's truck in 1928.

A Floating Line Gang -- taken in 1928.
From Left to Right -- Mr. Glazier, Pete Donaldson, Charlie Giles, J.R. Hill, (we think) Tom Worley, R.D. Potter, R.A. DeLay and Bill Leggett. My Grandfather worked for the Bell Telephone System for 45 years; I have his 45 year pin. He retired in 1968 or there about and died shortly after. My Grandmother worked as an operator for about 10 years; my other grandmother worked during the war. My mom worked for Southern Bell for 35 years and I did 2 summers as an intern. The LH's Grandfather was also a Bell man -- he worked for 45 years and retired in 1971 a vice president. Deep and strong ties to the Bell System.

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