Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Bullets

  • Today was the end of Annual Conference. Moving Day is June 26th for the Conference. I have been officially appointed to Oglethorpe Circuit which consists of Glade UMC and Burt's UMC in Oglethorpe County.
  • If you will remember, I stated a novel a while back "Death and Taxes in Carlton, Georgia." I selected the title because I was traveling through Carlton to go back and forth to Erskine Seminary for a few classes. I really loved the looks of Carlton, but never thought I would even know anyone who would be there. After all, Carlton is east of -- well --east of everything. On the edge of my world, as it were. One of the churches has an address of -- you guessed it -- Carlton. That God -- such a sense of humor.
  • So today I went to do a dry run of driving routes -- Hwy 78 to the Outer Loop to Hwy 72 to Lexington Carlton Road to Glade UMC and then to Sandy Cross and then some some fancy work around Veribest Enterprise Road (haven't worked that all out) to Burt's then one mile or so to Hwy 77 to Hwy 78 to one of three ways: Inner Loop, Outer Loop or Business 78. I took Business 78 so that I could go to the Varsity and then to look at a condo in Athens.
  • I never made it to the condo. About 2 block away at a stop light I was rear-ended so hard that it sheared the driver's seat off the track, crumpled up the back, the front and most stuff in between. The glass from my rear window was all over my hood.
  • I really liked that car. RIP my sweet Expedition.
  • We are now in the market for one or maybe two cars. Sigh. This was not on the agenda.
  • And NO this is NOT punishment for breaking my diet with Varsity food. I don't think that God operates that way. Mostly.

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