Monday, June 30, 2008

Fiber -- Oatmeal -- a Very Exciting Post

Yes, this is an EXCITING post. Oatmeal. Yes, indeed.
Steel Cut Oats. I'm working on getting this to cook in the rice-cooker. They are delicious. Lots of fiber, a little chewy and a rich nutty taste. This fiber thing isn't all bad.

I've been eating more fiber and -- I've gained weight. I need to figure out how to eat enough fiber AND reduce calories. Oatmeal isn't bad -- I think this is about 200 calories with the brown sugar. I also ate a piece of fruit -- that's about 100 more calories. But I need lots more fiber today; this was about 6 grams of fiber and was about a fifth of what I need today. No matter how I add and subtract, recombine foods and so forth, the FIBER ALONE is about 1500 calories. Then I also need some protein and whatnot -- how do I get all this fiber and hold the calories to 1000 to 1250 a day??

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