Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Bullets

  • Yesterday was an exceedingly long day. I registered both girls for school (and that seemed to take hours) and had a dinner meeting with the Second Life Methodist people. The amount of walking in shoes not intended for walking give all three of us (myself and the girls) blisters. Chaos and I also stepped in gum -- I hate stepping in gum. So we are a little tired today.
  • I was amazed at how many people I knew at the High School. Both Chaos and I were/are anxious about High School. After yesterday, I felt better. And the High School is better than I thought. I discovered it was in the 81st percentile of the High Schools in GA. I thought it was much lower, actually. Entropy's Middle School, on the other hand, is in the 71st percentile. Not so good. I'm still not 100 percent happy about the quality of the schools, but it's better than what it could be.
  • Old Kitty (19 years and 10 months old) had to have major dental surgery. One of her biggest teeth had to be extracted -- this required anesthesia, dental drills and stitches. Hopefully she's been losing weight because of the pain from this tooth and/or the heat. With this tooth gone, I really hope she gains some weight. She's literally wasting away. Poor Kitty.
  • Johnny (on the other hand) has been enjoying the break from the mean old woman cat. He was attacking the clean laundry, chewing on various and sundry items and romping all day.
  • I get some dental work today. I appreciate modern dentistry -- I don't LIKE having it done. In fact, I dread the dentist. I get one temporary crown replaced and another tooth "looked at." (Last time that meant a cap.) Goody.
  • The kids are I have been lazy today -- last day of freedom for them for a while. Chaos will have to catch the bus at 6:00 am and Entropy at 8:30. I'm letting them sleep in a bit today. To be honest, I am not looking forward to the roller coaster of the school year routine -- it is indeed a lot of stress.

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