Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Bullets

  • We are busy at our house getting ready for school: new clothing, new school supplies. The girls both want their hair "done" and new shoes. I think that the Loving Husband will have a very large smoking hole in his wallet by the time they are finished. I read somewhere this week that school supplies are averaging $120 per kid. Ouch!
  • Makes me wonder how those who are already scraping by are going to afford such. We went out to eat Saturday night -- the LH and I ordered an appetizer of stuffed mushrooms. 6 mushrooms for $6.95. That's about $1.17 or so per mushroom (each of which was a bite.) Yes, $1.17 a bite. I can't help but think about how the majority of people in this world live on less than $1 a day and I ate something that was $1.17 a bite. I don't know if it is really productive to think this way -- but it surely causes me to pause. I don't think I'll order the mushrooms again.
  • I'm reading an amusing book I picked up at Pastor's School -- The Messiah Formerly Known as Jesus. He calls himself THE Internet Theologian. Had I known the title of THE Internet Theologian was available, I would have grabbed it for myself. The book is almost too amusing. On page 7, he begins to talk about how ordinary theologians get their panties in a wad about the intersection of Pop Culture and Christianity. News Flash, Mr. THE Internet Theologian. It's not the academy that gets their panties in a wad about such -- we even have our own Spiffy Seminary Speak Word about it: contextualization. It 's people who are so very fond of their own brand of contextualization who get their panties in wad. Contextualizations have existed since, like, the very beginning. I'll read more later: in in way the book succeeds in that I want to talk back to the author, but in a way it's just irritating.
  • Talking about contextualizations: The Second Life Mission is trying to have a meeting IRL. If you are in Atlanta on Thursday night, we are meeting at McCray's tavern at 7:00 pm or so. Mr. THE Internet Theologian, you are invited too, if you so wish.
  • Also, I've registered for the Craddock Center's fall Preaching Thingy with Fred Craddock. It's on October 6th and is free. Free Craddock! More info here. Free Craddock, free snacks and lunch. Last time I went, Fred was giving away bits and pieces of his library. If any blogger want to meet up, I'm going to be there. I could wear a white carnation and carry an umbrella, but that's too much effort. Just email instead.
  • I think I'll work on some stuffy stuff now: I want to arrange a few pieces for a quartet -- Soprano and Alto recorders, violin and viola. Something easy peasy. Then it's time to mail packages, do bills (blech), go to Sam's for various and sundry. I think I'll go to Sam's first, before the heat of the day set in. Later, y'all!

P.S. Hi Jack and Lori!

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