Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wesley, Translated.

Original (from the Primitive Physick):
1. The air we breathe is of great consequence to our health. Those who have been long abroad in easterly or northerly winds should drink some warm pepper tea on going to bed, or a draught of toast and water.
2. Tender people should have those who lie with them, or are much about them, sound, sweet, and healthy.
3. Everyone that would preserve health should be as clean and sweet as possible in their houses, clothes, and furniture.

1. Th' air we breathe be o' great consequence t' our health. Them who ben long abroad in easterly or northerly winds ortin' ta drink some warm pepper grog on goin' t' bunk, or a draught o' toast an' water.
2. Tender swabbies ortin' ta be havin' them who lie wi' them, or be much about them, sound, sweet, an' healthy.
3. Sea dogs an' land lubbers that would preserve health ortin' ta be as clist an' sweet as possible in the'r houses, clothes, an' furniture.

Aye, jus' as I thought. Wesley be a pirate.

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