Friday, August 08, 2008

Too Cool! Fresh Star Trek

Star Trek New Voyages!

As I sit here and drool from the anesthetic from the dental work (have I mentioned that I don't like dentists?), Chaos and I are watching these Webisodes.

Chaos says things like, "You can't be serious." And "Are you REALLY enjoying this?"

The answer: Yes and Yes.

Update: This is a hoot. The acting is ... community theater good (if you know what I mean). The lighting is ... OK. The filming/editing is pretty good. I am enjoying this actually tremendously. I wanna play TOO!

Update #2: As good as the first episode was, the second is most excellent. Computer generated graphics are very good (they must have used Macs...) -- and the story is written by D.C. Fontana, who wrote multiple episodes of almost all of the flavors of Star Trek as well as Babylon 5. Wow. The acting is better; the actors seem more comfortable in "doing" Kirk, Spock and Bones. I am so used to Fan Fiction being hack jobs. This is really good!

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