Saturday, August 30, 2008

Things I've Learned About Mold

  • Mold is nasty nasty stuff.
  • To continue cleaning at the LH's grandparent's house, I've got to get very good masks. If there is air leaking around the sides of the mask, then it's no good for this purpose.
  • Other safety precautions: latex gloves and long sleeves. Immediately after getting home, wash all clothing throughly and shower.
  • We've contaminated our vacuum cleaner to the point that I can't use it in my house anymore. For my own safety, I've got to get a new vacuum cleaner.
  • We probably have brought mold spores from that house to this house with all the stuff we've brought home. To make sure it doesn't become MORE mold, we have to keep the humidity down to below 55%.
  • To get rid of mold, ammonia or bleach, hot water on those things that can be washed, sunshine and freezing. UV will break down the mold spores, as well freezing for a while. This may save some of the things that cannot be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Some things cannot be saved -- I've just got to give that up.
  • Airing the bed out is actually good. If you make the bed up too soon after getting up, you trap moisture in the bedding and nasties can grow. Here's a good case for NOT making the bed up until the afternoon.
  • Mold (not house dust) is responsible for 93% of all sinus infections (Mayo Clinic, 1999).
  • This repeated getting sick and going on antibiotics is ruining my immune system. (Twice in a month, at least 3 times in the last 3 months.)
  • Cardboard boxes retain an incredible amount of moisture. Use plastic, when possible.
  • I gave away my old fashioned cold-air humidifier -- it's better to use a vaporizer that will kill the mold and it's easier to clean.

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