Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I have a bad cold AGAIN

Rather, it's more like bronchitis. I'm on antibiotics AGAIN. I think it's being triggered by all the moldy, musty stuff in my LH's grandparent's house (which we are slowly cleaning out.)

We can't stop cleaning out the house -- it has to be done, but I think I will start doing a few things differently.
  • I am going to wear a N-95 mask from now on.
  • Instead of using a normal vacuum cleaner, we need to get a HEPA vacuum cleaner.
  • We need to get air purifiers to run continuously.
  • Anything taken out of the house has to be cleaned and set in the sun for a nice long time to kill the mold spores.
We are approaching the end of this process. We need to have an estate sale soon but we need to make sure that the house is clean and smells OK. I think the HEPA vacuum cleaner will help out bunches.

Just thinking out loud... and now it's time for cough syrup, orange juice and bed.

edited: I sure have weird dreams when I'm on cough syrup and what not. I dreamt that a very old friend (I'll call him R) was investigating the disappearance of some of our students. We were in a very large urban building with sidewalks outside and large open spaces (dark) in the basement. For some reason, we were investigating the basement and I had to crawl over a big ladder laid on its side that had chunks of rotting material hanging off of it -- that right, it was over a large open space that was very dark and had punctuations of light. I looked down through the rips of cloth and saw were all the bodies ended up -- in a large radioactive cobalt pool that glowed blue. It been hidden all this time and it turned out that R (my friend) was a serial killer and ... I was going to be next. So I pushed him off into the radioactive cobalt swimming pool and he died. The end. Maybe I watch too much Star Trek and Law and Order.
edited again: OK, I know that somehow I am each of the people in my dreams... so does that mean that I've killed a part of myself? Does that mean that I feel that I've been killed before by another agent and I WAS powerless, but not any longer? Dreams are strange things.
My lymph nodes are swollen again. Maybe I just got exposed to the dust/mold stuff way too early after Cat-Scratch Fever. Who knows. I'm going to bed.

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