Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Lessons learned by Entropy today (causing the Mama tremendous anxiety)

Do not use your Marshmallow Blow Gun without first checking for fire ants.
Fire ants can and will bite your tongue and lips.
No, you will not die.
Yes, it hurts a lot.
Yes, Entropy is allergic to fire ants.
Swelling and hives and blotchiness are not a bad things, as long as you can still breathe.
Swallowing a fire ant will not kill you.
Doctors are good people. Knowing the location of the epi-pen is a good thing, even if you don't use it. Ice is a good thing. Benedryl is a good thing. Rocking chairs are a good thing. Sleep in Mama's arms is a good thing.
Now the Mama is tired.


Here's Catblogging really, really late. Or really early, depending. The kitty is not moving much this summer -- she's sleeping a lot.


If you are Methodist and really, really want to geek out, check out the Annual Conference summary page on UMC.org. I think I want to go to the Alaska Missionary Conference. It sounds cool. Really cool. Like it's not above freezing for much of the year. And where else can you be part of a Tongan Fellowship or a Hmong Fellowship? The statistics are interesting -- Dean Snyder is tracking some of them.

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