Saturday, June 25, 2005

To my friend

Dave of Cogit8tions
I owe the discovery of this wonderful website in which we find discussions on the theological concerns of public bathroom design. OK. Ne-e-e-xt.

To News 24's The Back Pages comes this article:

Look, it's 'Shower Jesus'

Washington - A US man has sold for almost $2 000 on eBay a water-stained piece of plaster from his bathroom wall that bears an uncanny resemblance to the image of Jesus Christ, its purchaser said on Thursday., an internet casino known for making such purchases, said it bought the piece of plaster bearing the reputed image of Jesus for $1 999 from a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania man.

It said the image appeared to Jeffrey Rigo, 30, as he stepped out of the shower on June 11, prompting him to cut the plaster piece from his wall and put it up for bid on the auction portal under the name "Shower Jesus".

Why do these things amuse me so?

For my friend Eunice, who is a funeral director and just had surgery, I promise not to get you anything from here. Maybe.

For my friend Mike of Sites Unseen. I encourage you to explore their site. Now. Especially if you have need for online resources or time to spare....

Finally, a new way to pray using the Lava Lamp. I don't know what to think about it. Can it be any worse than my Prayer Bot?

And another finally, I am erasing myself from Cyberspace, following Songbird of Set Free. I have submitted my URL for deletion from Google, however, the WayBackMachine will still index me, I think. Ah if it were so easy to delete other problems/gaffs/etc. Of course, prayers of forgiveness should do this in the eyes of God, but we still live with the consequences of our actions. Still working through this.

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