Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Perfect Day

Songbird and I yearn for a perfect day with our mothers -- not to be in this life, I'm afraid.
So it's up to me to nurture me. What would my perfect day look like?

• B'fast made by my Loving Husband,
• Road trip to nowhere (I love roadtrips that don't really go anywhere, just wander around and see what there is to see.) Usually not in the city, but the deep country. In the summer between Monroe/ Conyers/ Social Circle/ Oxford area to all the way down to Juliette and Warm Springs. In the summer. In the Fall up to Sautee and Helen, Toccoa and the gorge.
• Watch people throw pottery or blow glass.
• Shopping in Social Circle, Conyers, Monroe, Lawrenceville in all those "red hat" shops. Talk to all the shop owners and see if we know any of the same people.
• Boiled peanuts, surprise antique shops, flying ”around the patch," Coke in the little bottle, ice cold. Ice cream at the airport and hangerfly for a while.
• Taking pictures of all sorts of things with a really good camera: architectural elements, doors, windows, churches, church doors and windows, steeples, hands, birds, eyes, flowers, clouds, small animals, gravestones, airplanes, chairs, cars, trees, shells, water and of course my children.
• Pull out the watercolors and paint in a greenhouse with a half dozen of my artist friends. Have the kids their own watercolor block and let them paint. See what they will do. Garden a litte.
• Read a little bit under a tree or in a porch swing after lunch. Or on the beach. Write a little.
• Sit on a sun-warmed rock in the deep shade in the mountains, by a creek after a hike or drift in the currents in a sun warmed ocean and playing in the sand – or fly a kite with the kids.
• A little more shopping and picture taking -- Maybe ending up either at that wonderful place in Warm Springs to eat dinner or at the Shakespeare Festival with a picnic prepared by "An Affair to Remember" and have a really good bottle of wine with all my friends. Have some pate and champagne and invite the cast to join me after the show.
• Maybe even Evensong at the Cathedral of Saint Phillip or Midnight Mass where there is really good music and incense. As a pew-warmer, holding my Loving Husband’s hand and the kids snuggling up close.
• Taking pictures at sunset.
• Sit on the front porch after midnight wrapped in a handmade quilt on a stormy night with my Husband and feel the storm on my face.

What's your perfect day?

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