Thursday, June 30, 2005

Getting Stuff Ready

I'm spending time getting things ready. I'm getting the Utility Room cleaned as it has never (in 10 years) been cleaned before. Moving the washing machine and dryer -- going through all the cabinets and boxes. Cleaning and sorting. I am going to purchase a new washer (after 22 years, it's getting a little worn out) and prepare the room to paint. Next will be new blinds and valance to go on the window.

I also spent some time today preparing for communion on Sunday -- setting up servers, arranging for the proper bread and so on so that communion will go well on Sunday.

I spent time going through the food in the house, disposing of old items and and junk food. All this activity has caused me to wonder -- what behaviors and habits is it time for me to clean up and sort -- or dispose of entirely? I feel the need to get ready and I wonder for what? Where am I going? What am I leaving behind?

Or -- maybe I just think too much.

Found: *two* count them, *two* one gallon plastic ice cream buckets full of various colors of dryer lint. For paper making experiments, obviously.

Found: 6 complete sets of Daisy Girls Scout petals, 5 World Association pins, 6 Daisy GS pins, 100 "God and Country Daycamp" patches, various and sundry Brownie Try-its, around 100 other Girls Scout patches, large and small.

Found: the laundry sink. Full of, shock of shockers, *books.* Imagine that.

Found: Vicar of Dibley DVDs. Time Life Praise and Worship CDs. Two picnic baskets. 5 umbrellas. Socks behind the washer. Little kitty sleeping in the rag box. 3 Bibles. Lots and lots of lint behind washer and dryer. 15 ballcaps. Knives and an old food processer.

I'm now watching the Vicar of Dibley. To make sure that the DVDs are OK, of course.

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