Monday, June 06, 2005

Just Right of Paradise

Here's a short photo essay for our favorite Florida spot -- which we have named "Just Right of Paradise." Paradise itself is no longer accessible -- they don't have a ferry anymore. There is still an airstrip on Paradise, but we just can't figure out the logistics of getting kids and camping gear and food to the island. Too much weight for our little plane and too little room.

The usual beach crowd. That's the Loving Husband.

An extremely crowded day. There *are* people in this shot. At least half a mile away.

Basecamp and the Loving Husband flying a kite.

Chaos and Entropy.

Trailer Sweet Trailer -- note that he *had* to use the laptop. But no wifi to be found for hundreds of miles.

My favorite store in the closest "big" town (20,000 people or so and more than 40 minutes away.) The closest Walmart is over a hour and a half away. The grocery store has one 4 by 4 section for toiletries and one entire aisle devoted to fishing gear. And another entire aisle devoted to beer. What more do you need? (Well, maybe wifi.)

And I will never, never, never reveal the location of Paradise. Otherwise it might become too crowded. Heh heh heh. But it's the same place Celestine Sibley used to go. Or just right of there.

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