Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bullets for Thursday

  • It's still hot -- but there is some relief -- it's at least 5 degrees cooler this morning than it was yesterday morning.
  • It was still 98 degrees at 11:00 pm last night when I went to the store. (Cathy is in the midst of this too.)
  • Kitty is doing OK in this heat -- I'm keeping her well "watered" (via sub-q fluids) and nice and quiet inside. She's laying on the bathroom floor a lot too.
  • We did karate in the hot dark again last night -- Entropy kept hitting herself with the Nunchuck. Our Sensei gave us MORE things to buy for Wednesday night class (does it ever end?)
  • Chaos is auditioning for the Gwinnett County Honors Orchestra for 8th grade on Saturday (Dear, where is the audition? Uhm, it's at some middle school somewhere, mommy. How very specific!) -- it's called the Kendall Orchestra. She's the only cello player from her school auditioning and she's nervous.
  • Entropy is now at the Middle School -- and she's carrying too many bags. (Bookbag, gym bag, pocketbook, violin case and laptop bag (yes, she gets to use a laptop)). I teased her about getting her a shopping cart -- so she can be a real bag lady, but I'm now thinking it wouldn't be such a bad idea... I'm going to have to help her thin down her stuff. It's funny looking at this slender little girl carrying so much stuff. Poor baby.
  • I'm doing OK on ebay. It's more time-consuming than I thought it would be, but I'm learning how to use USPS Click'n'ship (so cool!) and use the internet to tell my carrier to come pick up the packages (so I don't have to schlep them to the Post office.) I've turned several pairs of jeans, some knick-knacks, some electronics bits and pieces and several dozen muslin bags into an Airport Express (which will be so useful) and a carbon fiber Bass Bow (French NOT German.) This is appealing to me: I'm getting rid of clutter and cleaning up my space, getting some pocket money for it and turning it into things we need. Cool beans.
  • It's too hot to use the computer. I've been reading blogs, but just don't have the with-its to comment. I'm avoiding all things that put off heat...
  • OH! And John Wesley was attacked by a mad woman with a pair of scissors. Look here. I KNEW JW must have been more interesting than I thought. It seems that Charles got in trouble with these two women, there were reports that Charles visited one of them at inappropriate times of the night and they confessed of fornication with Oglethorpe to Charles -- they made Charles' life a living nightmare. When he left, he left John a letter in which he told ALL, they demanded to see the letter; one of them attacked him verbally and the other attacked him with a pair of scissors, a pistol and then ripped off his sleeve with her teeth. What excitement! Maybe the life of JW could indeed make a good movie.
  • We need rain.

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