Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Bullet Points

  • Today is the first day of school for both the girls. We were ready with all the stuffy stuff -- school supplies, new clothing, haircut, etc but not really ready emotionally. This summer seemed so curtailed. I wanted more time with them at home.
  • What is with parents and the dress code? Our dress code is strict for middle school but basically can be narrowed to two points: no skin showing and your clothing must fit (not too tight, not too baggy). I saw kids already being escorted to the office and parents picking them up because of showing midriff, transparent shirts and droopy pants (crotch must not sag more than half way to knees.) Then again, what the parents were wearing would not pass the dress code....
  • And shopping was difficult this year. First, the Mommy filter -- if I liked the clothing. Then the Kid filter -- if they would wear it (i.e. if they liked the clothing). Then the dress code filter. Not easy.
  • I'm working this morning on getting things done around here. The last time this house was really orderly by my standards was December 2, 1996. That means: all drawers sorted, all laundry finished and put up, all clothing sorted (give-aways, given away), garage orderly (so you can put cars in it), basement orderly (things stacked neatly), all dishes done and put away, refrigeratored clean, clean behind refrigerator, washer and dryer, all furniture. Furniture cleaned, curtains washed and rehung. I remember because this was the day before Entropy's Baptism party. Hasn't been that clean since. May never be...
  • Morning Prayer this morning was non-verbal. Spiritual exercise -- more visioning and holding than verbal. I'll try it this way for a while, but I'm such a verbal person that it's hard.
  • Errands to run today, as well. Get gas in car, pick up kids, store, post office, list things on ebay, get my Amazon Marketplace refreshed, first group strings lesson tonight. New schedule.
  • I'm going to concentrate on being at home this semester; getting my emotional, spiritual and physical house in order.

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