Friday, August 10, 2007

What's I'm Up To

I've done my Morning Prayer (I just don't post every day...)
I've drunk my coffee.
I've got to take the cat to the vet (again).

This week in the "Reverend Mommy Life Decluttering" Project (decluttering body, mind, spirit and house (it's all related to my "Theology of Space")), I've stuck to the diet (decluttering body), I've done Morning Prayer (decluttering bad habits), I've gone to my Spiritual Director (decluttering my soul by learning to 'be still' -- really -- it sounds like I've been full of activity, but I am spending time just BEING by first not seeing is as another item to add to the adgenda) and decluttering the house by getting rid of stuff. We do the "Clean Sweep" thing -- keep, donate, sell or throw away.

The kids and I are in teh midst of putting stuff on ebay. I added an ebay thingy on the sidebar. You can peruse my auctions and purchase my clutter! Yipee!

I'll be opening my Amazon Marketplace store back up shortly and then put that in my sidebar, too.

Note: Garage Sale for the mac is making it really easy to keep track and format the ebay auctions. Last week, I did it manually -- Garage Sale is making it so much easier.

To list in my Amazon Marketplace, I use Delicious Library. I really like Delicious Library. I have now 2 hand scanners (don't ask) where I can read the barcode on the book automatically -- it's bluetooth, it transmits the ISBN, the computer looks up all the information. To list it in my Marketplace takes just a couple of clicks. This product, though, is a real memory hog. Takes a long time to open up and to close and slows the computer way down, so I have to close all my other open apps to run it (well, I usually run 15 to 18 apps, each with several documents open, so maybe I'm the memory hog...)

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