Thursday, August 02, 2007

More of the Theology of Space

Ps pointed out in the comments that she would add body and "shadow side" to mind and spirit -- in more traditional language, I'd call that human nature, with certain meanings attached. They are all part of us -- What struck me this time is that the cleansing/purging/reshaping and what ever HAS to be both internal and external. What is happening on the inside HAS to be reflected on the outside and the other way around. If it's just internal, it's just the spirit or ghost of change -- if external, then it's not enspirited -- zombie change, if you will. It HAS to be both. Thus it becomes an external sign of internal grace.

Of course, I feel that all of life is sacramental. Every single thing -- every thing has the potential to point me to God. Every single thing. I think of those popular "WWJD" bracelets and bumper stickers. It's becoming a trite saying, but one that carries a tremendous spiritual truth. We need to ask that question in all that we do: from how we treat each other to how we treat this beautiful creation that God has given us stewardship over. I ask myself that question so many times in the course of a day. I asked it as we purchased a SUV -- is this being a good steward of my money? of the environment? I debated it with my husband and we looked at charts to weight the variables. We needed something with multiple seats for all the people we need to haul around on occasion; we needed the towing capability for the travel trailer and utility trailers. Thus we purchased a used SUV and not the fanciest thing on the block. Whichever one of us that will drive the least will drive the SUV that day. It was a theological decision. We talked about God, we talked about the Christian principles behind each decision. And yes, we talked about what would Jesus drive.

Thus, I am starting back my Disciplines. I am going to bring my internal life, my spiritual life and my external life in harmony with what I can discern God would want. I am doing Morning Prayer, I am dieting (11 pounds so far, yeah!), I am doing some literal cleaning of the house. I am lightening the load of "stuff" we have in our house. I am disposing of emotional clutter, spiritual clutter, house clutter and "body" clutter. It may be the most important work I ever do.

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