Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Record Highs (Again) Today

We are expecting the heat index to be 110 again today. Record highs are expected again tomorrow. The heat is getting to me. It's so hot that there is a nuclear power plant that has closed -- because the water from the river to cool the core is too hot and wouldn't cool the power plant. Which means that there is less electricity to be had during the highest demand period ever in Georgia. We've experienced a couple of brownouts; I've had a couple of friends to loose their electricity. As it is, our air conditioning units can't really keep up.

Because of the lack of rain, we also have really bad air -- the rain hasn't been able to wash the pollutants out and so there are a lot of people suffering asthma like symptoms.

At the Karate studio, the kids take regular water breaks because the air conditioning unit can't keep up -- the Sensei has turned the lights off to make it cooler. It becomes karate in the hot dark.

The only place I find relief is the floor of the downstairs bathroom.

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