Monday, August 27, 2007

For John the Rabbit-lover

I found this on Amazon.
Ugh! (Chaos has now decided to be a vegetarian.)

But then check out the user pictures. The user pictures did indeed make me giggle. I must have a sick sense of humor...

Yes, I think I will place the on CafePress for general consumption. Great idea, Bets! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Stay tuned for more updates....

And I'm doing OK on eBay and Amazon. I've linked my eBay store in the sidebar (just in case you want to buy my junk =o) ) and I think I'll post a link to my Amazon store, as well. So far I've turned about 32 pieces of random "stuff" (like outgrown, barely worn jeans, old baby stuff, muslin bags, books and whatnot) into a Carbon Fiber Bass Bow, an Airport Express, some transfer paper, a First Class Scouting badge for my 1970's era GS sash (earned, never purchased) and a tee-shirt.

This is all related to my theology of space -- I'm cleaning my physical house and by extension and effort also cleaning my inner spaces as well. Each time something leaves the house to be used/loved by someone else, I feel a little lighter....

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