Monday, August 06, 2007

Pop-Art Room

I'm designing a Pop-Art Room. The four walls are going to be Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black; white trim and doors. I want there to be floating "squares" that lap over the corners that will "add" the light together. On the walls will be a Warhol like print that I'm doing with Photoshop of my girls, a large cartoon cut-out of a cat in a garbage can that I already have, a cartoon canvas of an anime that Chaos would do. The chair will be an orange/red poofy Herman Miller inspired type of Papa-San chair. The dresser I want to be white laminate with steel, square legs. The bedding will be stark white with CMYK throw pillows; maybe some transfer of anime stuff on a few. I would love a shaggy white throw rug on a darker (maybe steel grey) carpet. There will be Blenko glass of appropriate vintage, white accessories. I was thinking of a shelving unit for some Barbies (we have quite a collection, still in the boxes.) I want a Statue of Liberty lamp on a cube-like endtable.

What else says "Pop-Art"?

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