Thursday, August 30, 2007

Easily Amused

I purchased an Airport Express this week and installed it last night. I am easily amused -- I can now print from where ever I am in the house from my favorite printer and play my 'tunes from the speakers in the kitchen. I'm bidding on another to put near the real stereo so that I can have my 'tunes playing in the living room as well. I'm playing Yo-Yo Ma this morning (cello music, of course!)

Chaos needs a 'real' cello teacher. I'm looking around and we have a tryout with one of the best (if not THE best) in Atlanta. It's going to be $240 a month (gulp!) I'm having a little bit of sticker shock. I suppose we can cut down on meat ... and gasoline ... and books ... and renting movies. I am seriously conflicted. She really needs an instructor -- but that's a lot of money. As a comparison, her piano lesson are about $90 a month and Entropy's violin lessons are about $80.

So I am going to have to up the selling of household stuff. More eBay, more listing of books on Amazon Marketplace. I can't find books because I just have too many. I'm going to try to list at least a third of my books (which comes to about 1400 to 1700 books.) Some are very easy to let go of -- some are slightly more difficult. I make a stack to sell and end up pulling about 1 of 10 to put back on the shelf.

I'm going to do the Cafe Press thing. I think I'll call it "Chaos' Cello Lessons" and list lots and lots of cello shirts. I may branch out and do all of the string instruments...

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