Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grateful for #11:

Surprise Kitten.
Actually a rescue kitten -- we can't decide what her name is. As soon as I held her, I knew I had been selected as her human. She's a real snuggle cat -- and a real purr factory. Of course, I think she may have to go to WVa with us at Thanksgiving as the vet will not board her so young (that was pre-planning, eh?) She's very 'human oriented' and will ride around on your shoulder. Johnny and Little Kitty are NOT impressed. In fact, I fear for her life right now and am keeping them seperated.

So what to name her?
So far:
Chaos wants "Athena" (because we got her on the way home from Athens.)
Entropy wants "Saia"
The LH (better known as the cat whisperer) wants "Critter"
I have been calling her "Little Bit"

Isn't she a cutie?

She forgot about bathing, so we had to prompt her into doing it (cute little moggie, isn't she?)

The "yes, I am adorable" pose.

She talks to the Cat Whisperer. And yes, I'm a yutz.

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