Friday, November 14, 2008

Grateful for #14:

I am grateful that I married MacGyver. Of course the Cat Whisperer's haircut is much better and in his day I think that he was much easier on the eyes than Richard Dean Anderson. But he is just as resourceful. This week he repaired his gear selector on his "new" Saturn (1995) with a couple of cable ties. He debated about using a shoestring, but didn't have one on hand. The thingy at the bottom of the gear selector broke and the cables attached to allow you to shift gears fell off.

The "permanent" solution required a couple of grommets from a Toyota windshield wiper, a couple of big washers and I guess more cable ties or bailing wire. Maybe he used duct tape and chewing gum, too.

But for his "handy-ness" I am grateful.

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