Friday, November 07, 2008

Grateful for #7: Cats

Little Kitty (now Grumpy Old Woman Cat) in a pose I call "Don't Wake Me Up!" -- She's 20 years old this week and shrinking. She's now about 4 pounds. Too ornery to die. I was there when she was born -- little and ornery. She's still little and ornery.

Johnny Cat, still a kitten -- in a pose I call "Basket Case." He's now about a year and a month and weighs more than twice what Little Kitty weighs (about 10 pounds). I don't know about his lineage -- he was a rescue cat. He's not very clever, but he's beautiful and soft and oh so fluffy. He's still attacking our feet (day and night) and chomping on the hand that feeds him. I remember listening to the kids coo at him, "Good Johnny! Good Boy! Nice Johnny! OUCH!" -- he does like to do the rabbit kick and bite your hand. Only playing -- ri-i-i-ight.

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