Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Bullets

Little Bit (or Critter) is the Purrfect Laptop.

  • Little Bit is settling in quite nicely. The big kitties are getting used to the idea of the micro-cat. She loves to perch on my shoulder -- like a parrot. It's kind of sweet but it's also kind of annoying. She's still very little -- about a pound and a half, but she's growing. Her eyes have lost all signs of blue and I think she's going to have gold eyes. I am totally in love with her.
  • And yes, she gets to go to West Virginia with us. The house-sitter doesn't want the responsibility of a kitten and the vet won't board one this young. She doesn't seem to mind the car so we will put a covered litter box in the back along with her food and water, put her bed in the back seat and carry her around in the cat-carrier. I suppose we will have free range cat while we are in motion on the freeway. Should be an adventure.
  • We are getting ready for the marathon to Christmas. Advent is week after next -- I want all my ducks in a row before Thanksgiving so that I don't have to stop and deal with, well, stuff.
  • I want to do some baking/cooking this Christmas and I would love to have an after Christmas party. Cleaning the house is the first step, so I'm cleaning house -- literally and figuratively.
  • Odd thing yesterday -- I saw your typical Suburban Gansta' -- lowriding Honda with low profile tires, sagging pants with lots of chains, a "grill" and ballcap turned sideways, listening to booming music. EXCEPT the music was Nickel Creek Newgrass. My brain almost exploded.

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