Thursday, November 13, 2008

This Sunday

This Sunday the text is the parable of the talents. Where to go with this? Of course, there are layers of meaning. Most people skip over the fact that the talent is an actual measure of money -- not an ability. When I read this, I am reminded of my Grandfather D who found a jar of money dated from the early 1930's in his back yard in 1958 or 1959. This is a common thing in the depression -- there was zero trust in banks.

Well, we are almost at zero trust in the stock market and banking institutions again. I wonder how I can talk about this parable this year and at this time?

I am also reminded of Dante's level of hell where there were the wasters and the hoarders. I am reminded of John Wesley's theory of Money -- and how we talk about it now-a-days (Dave Ramsey, Scott Adams, Crown Financial).

Zero trust in banks -- who should we trust then? It makes me think also of contentment and how we try to fill the emptiness within us with stuff.

Hmmm ... Maybe I have already written this sermon.

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