Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grateful for #12:

Our Veterans.

Satchel Pooch at "A Different Street" blogged a list of names to day of veterans she would like to remember. I think I will as well:

My Father (WWII/France, Korea/stateside, Vietnam/stateside)
My Uncle Wiley (WWII, Korea (Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star), Vietnam, Iran -- retired 1984)
My husband's Grandfather -- WWII/India and China, Korean/reserves
My Uncle Guy -- Army Air corp/Flew a P38 in WWII
My husband's Uncle Forrest -- WWI/Drum and Bugle Corp
Carl Camp -- WWI -- infantry
My cousin Bobby -- Vietnam
My friend Jim -- Vietnam
Doug -- Vietnam
Tracy -- Vietnam/1st Gulf war/Career Army retired around 1994.
And multiple others.

For their service to our country, I am truly grateful.

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