Friday, January 09, 2009

Methoblogger Meetup at COE with Bishop Schnase

A group of us who tweet, blog or are just buddies met for several hours with Bishop Robert Schnase of 5 Fruitful Practices notoriety. Some of us have known each other for a while -- others just met. Our Methobloggers group included:
We talked for quite a while and I didn't take notes. But this is what I remember that we discussed.
  • The essence of blogging community and how these connections and relationships are just as "real" as ones we have in real life. (My ongoing question: How do we embody an incarnational ministry in a "virtual" environment?)
  • Copyright issues: the sharing of information and creative media, the fine line between sharing a blog posting vs. an email; how a blog posting is considered "open game" for many people, a little about Creative Commons.
  • Communication across the lines of the church -- how it's a paradigm shift between generations of the medium but not necessarily the message.
  • Who are the "bright lights" in Methodism today; I think I would call them "gravitational poles" -- do we even have such where all of Methodism can gravitate? (Perhaps the Bishop himself could be that Bright Light with the 5 Practices?)
  • What exactly is role of technology in church?
  • We also talked a bit about authenticity and transparency and how authority is perceived by different generations.
  • As Gavin said: "we solved global warming, but jay doesn't think it'll work." All problems in Methodism were solved, if only someone would listen.
  • We gave some feedback to the Bishop about how his role in the Blogging community could evolve and work -- some discussion of "organic growth" vs. "forced structure."
  • The enormous and irreconcilable divide in the Methoblogosphere around the issue of Pork, Beef or Chicken BBQ.
  • Gavin wanted to discuss "Twilight" and "Potter Puppet Pals" but we just ran out of time.
More later, as time allows.

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