Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Bullets: Including My Ponderings about Homeschool

  • The Methoblogger story was picked up by UMNews. Do I need to pick up the blog like I'd pick up the house for company?
  • I'm now friends with Matt Fox on Facebook (of Room by Room fame). For some reason that tickles me.
  • I've been playing with Google Insight. It's interesting to note that the search term "United Methodist Church" is most used by ... Alabama. Georgia is high on the list as well -- number 2, in fact, with most searches coming from the Atlanta area. Interesting.
  • I've been considering homeschool for the kids. There are several reasons.
    • First, I believe that they are horribly stressed out and school is THE major stressor. The peer pressure, the pressure to "be the best", the amount of homework. I see my children becoming depressed from the amount of stress they are encountering and I am ready to say "enough."
    • Second, gifted children are not encouraged to feed their gift. My eldest could go through this curriculum so much faster than they are giving it to her -- she's not being challenged. If we homeschool, she can self-pace.
    • Third, children who "don't get it" aren't given additional time and space to master the subject. If we homeschool, they can self-pace.
    • Fourth, I'm tired of homework for the sake of homework. To spend 5 and 6 hours on homework a night that seems to be just busywork -- this is ridiculous. A homeschooler only needs 4.5 hours of schooling day -- or until mastery is reached. It would actually free up a lot of time.
    • Fifth, the new Mathematics curriculum is horrible. They are not going to be prepared for college with this curriculum and I'm tired of fighting the system. Opting out seems the only option.
    • Sixth, I'm tired of the underlying themes of gangsta culture in our schools.
    • Seven I'm tired of the bullying and violence.
    • Eight, I'm tired of the kids' lack of self-worth and confidence that is engendered by these schools.
    • Nine, it will be much easier to pull up roots and move eventually.
    • Ten, field trips.
    • Eleven, I get to select the curriculum.
    • Twelve, I'm tired of the two hour difference in the beginning and ending of the two schools.
  • On the flip-side:
    • This is indeed going to cost: time and money.
    • I won't have any quiet mornings at home.
    • It will take a large amount of discipline: both from the girls and myself.
    • I have to be very careful to select good curriculum and accredited curriculum.
    • I don't know that homeschoolers can qualify for college scholarship or things like All-State orchestra or Governor's Honors. More research is needed.
  • I would love to hear some other's experiences....

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